SiyahKernel S3-v1.5.2 – Samsung Galaxy S3

SiyahKernel S3-v1.5.2



  • added (again) Entropy512′s multicast filter patch to wifi driver
  • possible sound crackling fix. (please test and report)
  • added gpu frequency steps (valid ones: 54 108 160 266 275 300 333 350 440 and also added 533MHz for those who like to overclock) to STweaks interface
  • some auto-brightness behavior modifications (known as brightness-curve from my S2 kernel).
  • enabled autorooting again (with SuperSu 0.94 from Chainfire)
  • increased usb charging current limit in STweaks to 900mA for those who have USB3 ports.
  • added 700 and 600MHz steps for touchboost setting in STweaks
  • enabled swap and zram support
  • updated pegasusq to the latest version which has min_cpu lock.
  • added 533MHz gpu step back and also added 600, 640, 666, 700 and 800MHz steps.
  • led brightness limit removed (cherry-picked from cm10 kernel)
  • insecure adbd.
  • set swappiness to 90 (only effective if you enable zram or swap)
  • reverted back to Linux 3.0.15 base as in Samsung stock kernel.
  • added a little delay before applying STweaks settings on boot to fix gpu settings not being applied.
  • speaker amplification is added back to stweaks but not as 0-63 but as 0-6, 0 will be the the same as stock.
  • Touch gestures by Tungstwenty (example gestures for S3).
  • gpu boost on touchscreen and pressing keys (hard & soft).
  • Update 1.5 -> 1.5.1: fixed lpm mode (charging when device is off). fixed amplification settings being reset on some conditions. some mali related changes. removed lots of unused and unnecessary code. some pegasusq changes. removed arm topology related patches.
  • Update 1.5.1 -> 1.5.2: set ro.debuggable to 1 in default.prop to get superuser working on cm10 (supersu users doesn’t need this update).
  • Update 1.5.2 -> 1.5.3: patched adb from jellybean sources. fixed incall volume problem with cm10 based ROMs. removed smooth scaling from STweaks settings (it was already disabled in v1.5 but I forgot to remove the settings from customconfig.xml).


Download Odin Flash File

Download CWM Flash File


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