SiyahKernel S3-v1.7beta2


  • Dual-booting (supports only JB ROMs: Samsung JB and CM10)
  • fixed a UMP related bug in v1.6.8 that was causing lags for CM10 users
  • removed CPU locking  when GPU freq >=440MHz
  • alternate touch recovery for secondrom related operations
  • Some 2ndROM features are missing. Implemented features are: Clone 1stROM to 2ndROM, Clone 2ndROM to 1stROM, Swap ROMs, Delete 2ndROM.
  • v1.7b1 -> v1.7b2: new recovery features: installing zips to secondrom, wipe 2ndROM data/cache & dalvik, fix 2ndROM permissions, exfat support. Fixed system partition cannot be mounted read/write. The recovery will be flashed together with the kernel.
  • implement missing 2ndROM features
  • make a CWM-flashable 2ndROM-utils app
  • implement more accurate space requirement checks
Some recovery details:
  • CWM-based Recovery v6.0.1.4
  • default backup format is set to tar (you can set it to dedupe)
  • In kernel recovery options: delete stweaks defaults or remove init.d scripts
  • In dual booting menu: swapping, cloning and other 2ndROM related options
  • swipe gestures support (up/down to choose menu items and right/left to select/back)
  • doubletap to select (needs a little more tuning though)
  • uses Samsung JB stock kernel recovery as the base
Some details about dual-booting:
  • See this post for FAQ (thanks to droidphile)
  • 2ndROM system partition will be kept in /sdcard/.secondrom/system.img. You will need 1.5GB space for the 2ndROM system partition in your internal sdcard.
  • both data partitions in 1stROM and 2ndROM  will use the same space. Make sure you have enough space to hold both system and data when you clone 1stROM to 2ndROM.
  • hidden partition is used as 2ndROM cache partition.
  • Flashing a new ROM may flash another kernel and you will not be able to boot into 2ndROM anymore. But you will not lose it unless you delete “.secondrom” folder in your internal sdcard. So, flashing back SiyahKernel will let you boot into 2ndROM again.
  • Dual boot feature is based on kernel+ramfs modifications. It doesn’t modify the boot loader.

Link zum Original Fred ^^



TAR Datei Download (odin) – Dropbox
CWM Datei Download (cwm) – Dropbox


==folgen in kürze=

TAR Datei Download (odin) – Box
CWM Datei Download (cwm) – Box


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