franco.Kernel r20 – Sound Control V2 | ExFat – 20.10.2012

* IO patches all across the board
* Config stripped of debug for a lean kernel
* NTFS + NTFS write support – useful for USB OTG
* Module to change Wi-Fi power management policy on the fly (check second post)
* Module to enable/disable fsync() calls on the fly (second post)
* Module to enable/disable Thermal Throttle
* Interface to change the frequency which the device will boost when the screen is touched
* Sound Control V2 based on Supercurio Voodoo Sound – Volume Boost feature
* Much more to be seen on my repository
* This kernel is for Samsung roms only.

* Flash via ODIN or Mobile Odin.

Download JellyBean compatible kernels (Only for Samsung stock roms):
JellyBean compatible kernels CWM zips (Only for Samsung stock roms):

ICS Kernel source:
JB Kernel source:

franco.Kernel updater app:
* Kernel downloader
* Kernel auto-flash
* Frequency and governor interface
* GovernorControl – full control over PegasusQ
* Tons of custom settings to maximize user experience
* Built on top of a full fledged ICS theme with inheritance from all the work done since the Galaxy Nexus is supported
* More to come (Power Modes, custom power modes, core control etc)
My apps list:…Ym9vdC5jb20iXQ


Downloadlinks von oben benutzen, der rest folgt in kürze


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