SiyahKernel S3-v1.7rc3 – Galaxy S3



SiyahKernel S3-v1.7rc3




  • Dual-booting (supports only JB ROMs: Samsung JB and CM10)
  • fixed a UMP related bug in v1.6.8 that was causing lags for CM10 users
  • removed CPU locking  when GPU freq >=440MHz
  • alternate touch recovery for secondrom related operations
  • Alternate CWM-recovery based 2ndROM utils which can be used via STweaks. No more custom recovery.
  • Added “no boot logo”, “Reboot into 2ndROM Utils”, “Reboot into First ROM” and “Reboot into Second ROM” options to STweaks.
  • “Black Crush Fix” by AndreiLux.
  • car dock support.
  • Added this to ramfs (thanks to Oranav@XDA) to fix EasyUMS compatiblity in cm10.
  • v1.7rc1 -> v1.7rc2: new STweaks (500% faster startup, retouched UI ), applied wifi changes in CM10 repo to fix wifi tethering problem. Based on update6 sources. added discrete wakelock stats and gestures (both by Tungstwenty) back. dns_resolver and md4 modules are linked into the kernel, so loading cifs will be enough to use smb shares. single image for kernel and recovery, if you flash it to boot partition it is a kernel, if you flash it to recovery it is a CWM-based custom recovery (hijack-recovery will be available in STweaks to flash a custom recovery).
  • v1.7rc2 -> v1.7rc3:  reverted cyanogenmod mdnie scenario commit. reverted wireless driver and added cm10′s wireless driver as a separate module.




  • Add timeout setting for 2ndROM boot logo
  • Make exfat work in AOSP ROMs
  • implement more accurate space requirement checks in 2ndROM utils.


Some details about dual-booting: See this post from droidphile





Link zum Original Fred ^^


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